Travelling after the pandemic – Covid-19

Many people are looking forward to travelling after the end of Covid-19. However, travel industry is probably the most affected by the pandemic itself. How is it gonna look like after the restrictions are lifted? We believe that some of these changes might be introduces during the following years.

What will change after the pandemic?

It’s obvious, travelling will change. This pandemic showed us how fragile is the world nowadays. You can get across the globe in a matter of hours and global tourism industry grew rapidly since the middle of 20th century. The trend is not expected to end with the Covid-19. Therefore, it is necessary to imply new regulations and prepare for the future viruses we might be challanged with.

Will you carry two passports?

Some countries are talking about implementing vaccine passports for future travels – which means that we would probably need to carry two passports at a time. Vaccination is already required when travelling to exotic destinations or countries affected by dangerous viruses, the vaccine passport could become a new standard for travelling to those countries.

Low-cost travelling

We believe that the average cost of travelling will increase and some low-cost providers with minimal margins are going to update their pricing models or could potentially leave the industry.

Mass tourism might become less popular

Overtourism is destroying the authentic feeling you would expect from visited location. What is even more important, it is pushing local residents away with the rent prices being too high to afford. Tourists will easily spend a bit more for a prime location during their vacation. Locals are moving away, businesses are changing into tourist traps to cover increased expenses and tourists are living in a bubble, away from the actual local life.

Focus on the individual needs

As mentioned before, with the decline in a mass tourism. Many people will decide to spend their vacation with less people, away from the tourist traps, according to their priorities. Travel agencies might focus on providing individual needs to their customers. More and more itineraries should be customized for specific minority / group / client.

Sustainability – showing what really matters

It is essential to bring sustainability to the industry. There is a lot to be changed. Planes are the essential part of trasportation among continents, but we can still cut down carbon emissions produced. This is more likely being a long term goal. Although, even small changed can make the difference and show the message that we honestly care.

The rise of travel advisors

It is easy to book accomodation on one of the many providers, buy a plane ticket and leave. Not that difficult to look through itineraries and get some tips either. Anyway, we believe that travel advisors will become a real help for people who do not want to spend much time researching their destination and get the comfort of individual approach. Travel advisors have the experience, might have more local knowledge and mark some tourists traps off from your list.

What do you think about the future changes in travel industry?