Secret spots in New York City: Roosevelt Island

A unique view of Manhattan. Not many tourists leave Manhattan while visiting NYC. Even less of them visit the Roosevelt Island, located on the East River in NYC, being still a part of Manhattan borough. It’s approximately 3 km long and easily walkable. It even has a subway station, served by the F line. Although, I do recommend to use a different transportation to the island – the aerial tramway. In Manhattan, the entrance to the system is at Tram Plaza at 60th Street and Second Avenue. The 4 minute ride costs just $2.25 each way ($4 for a round trip) and students with tram permits ride for free – you can easily use your MetroCard. The island itself is very peaceful, mostly residential, with a lot of green areas and walking paths. 

Did you hear about the Smallpox Hospital in NYC? Located on the island, it was also used during the smallpox outbreaks. At the southern tip of Roosevelt Island, you can relax with beautiful view over Manhattan at Franklin D. Roosevelt Four Freedoms State Park. You will find a lighthouse on the other side of the island. The place is perfect place for breaking out from the busy Manhattan area and we consider it as a hidden gem in NYC.