Planning a roadtrip: How does the toll system work in Norway?

One of the most important things to check while planning a roadtrip in Europe is how does the toll system work. It’s usually very different in each country and there are some rules to follow. In Norway, we did it quite the last minute, while getting off the ferry at the port of Langesund. We were taking a ferry from Hirtshals, Denmark, although our first plan was to visit Copenhagen, Denmark and take the bridge to Malmö, Sweden and travel further through the country to Oslo, Norway. With the coronavirus in effect, we had to change our plans and leave visiting Sweden for another time, since the situation and restrictions were a bit worse there at that moment. The ferry price from Hirtshals to Langesund was 91 EUR, for the car and 2 adults. It gets cheaper when you join the Fjord Club for free – you get a discount for your Fjord Line tickets.

Toll system in Norway via EPC – visitors’ payment

Getting back to the topic, the first thing you should do is registering your car via EPC. You will find more information and FAQ at this page – Registering is easy and very quick – we did it in a few minutes while queuing at the border control. Then, you can drive through the AutoPASS toll lanes without stopping and the invoice will be sent to you, based on the information that you have registered. EPC will only invoice foreign vehicles, AutoPASS have outsourced the service only for this specific group.

Roadtrip tips: Toll system in Norway

With your EPC account, you will be able to see images of your car passing the toll areas, exact prices that are invoiced to you, checking due dates, registering for e-mail delivery and making payments. Norway is starting to apply a toll system based on an environmental impact of your car. You can get discounts, based on your vehicle’s emissions standard. To submit this information, you can also use the form in your EPC account.

You can check the sample invoice at the AutoPASS website. Furthermore, they will translate the invoice for many other languages, according to your registration (currently available for 17 other coutries).

Using the AutoPASS tag makes your roadtrip cheaper

Another option is to register for the AutoPASS tag. Motorhomes, RVs and other vehicles in the M1 category are charged as passenger car when using the AutoPASS tag. On top of that, you get discounts on all toll transactions. The tag itself is free of charge, you just have to pay the deposit of 200 NOK. Yo find further infomation and discounts available, visit this website.

Visiting Norway from Sweden, Denmark or Austria? EasyGo is a partnership between Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Austria that enables use of a single electronic toll tag on toll roads, ferries and bridges in all the member countries.

How much we paid for the journey through Norway?

Now you know how the system works, but you are still missing a bit regarding the price list. We started our roadtrip in the port of Langesund, drove to Oslo and drove a bit back to Stavanger. From there, we drove through the Norway, visited many spots on the way, not missing the Lofoten Islands, up to the city of Tromsø and continued further to Finland. For the whole journey we used only the EPC registration, without the AutoPASS tag and got an invoice for 900 NOK, being almost 90 EUR, what seems to be a reasonable price for the roadtrip length. Please note, that we used quite a few ferries along the way and they are included in your EPC invoices – they will take a picture of your vehicle registration plate while using local ferries in Norway.