Is Nordkapp worth visiting?

Depending on what your motivation is, Nordkapp (North Cape) does not have to be the place you are looking for.

Is Nordkapp the northernmost point of mainland Europe?

According to many sources, Nordkapp is the northernmost point of continental Europe, which is a common mistake. It is only the most northernmost point that can be accessed by car, making it a popular spot for tourists. It is located on the Magerøya island, almost 70 kilometres from the actual northernmost point, Nordkinn.

What will you find in Nordkapp?

Don’t worry, even if you are already heading to Nordkapp, there are still things to enjoy. Nordkapp offers amazing views of the midnight sun from the famous cliff that is 307 metres high. The best months to visit the Nordkapp for midnight sun are June and July. On the other hand, the sun does not rise above horizon for more than two months in the winter.

Once again, parking can get expensive in Norway. Be prepared to pay 350 NOK for parking (during the opening hours) in North Cape and additional 250 NOK to enter the visitor center there.

If you are lucky and visiting Norkdapp between October and March, you might see an aurora borealis – the northern lights.

Visiting Cape Nordkinn – the real northermost point in mainland Europe

Therefore, if you really want to visit the northernmost point of mainland Europe, you should start your hike in Mehamn. You might have troubles with the signal reception along the hiking trail so better let someone know where are you heading to. The trail is a little bit over 20 kilometres long and can take more than 10 hours one-way. You definitely need proper hiking shoes to visit Nordkinn, the terrain is mostly rocky and you have to take care of yourself at every step you take.