Trolltunga – Being on the edge

You had to see them, while researching travel ideas in Norway. Those amazing photos of people standing close to the edge of the Troll Tongue. Probably the most popular hike in Norway, which is marked as extreme one by most travel guides. Is it, though? Trolltunga hike itself is doable for most people who have some experience with walking in the mountains. You should get back to the parking lot in 8-12 hours. What might be extreme, at least for budget travellers, is the parking price. Be prepared to pay at least 30 eur for P1 parking in Tyssedal, from where the return hike is 40 km, partly on the narrow public road – not making the best first impressions here. The P2 parking means 28 km round trip for 50 eur per day and a bit of road walking, although this road is private and not that busy, you will possibly meet just a few cars on your way and the road itself is wide enough. There is also a limited P3 parking just at the beginning of the trail, for which you would pay 60 eur per day and skip the road walking. You might be asking, if there is a way to find a free parking near Trolltunga. You might find some cars parked in the guardrail holes, however this is not the most convenient and safe way to leave your car. A parking ticket is expected even if you did not notice a traffic sign.

Free parking near Trolltunga

Trolltunga – Travel tips

Even if you have some experience with hiking in the mountains, there are some tips to keep in mind.

Leave early, very early

Trust me with this one. You can probably find the Trolltunga hike in every Norwegian guide. Be prepared to leave early, we left the parking lot at 3 am to have the trail for ourselves – we met just a bunch of people camping at the top of the mountain. It is forbidden to camp on a lower part of the trail. However, you can easily pitch your tent at the top and enjoy the sunrise / sunset from Trolltunga. As mentioned, it gets very busy during the day and the trail was crowded on our way back. Therefore, be prepared to line up in a queue for you Trolltunga photo, if you leave the parking later in the morning.

Be prepared – pack your things right

You might think that the hike is pretty easy, but the weather can change it very quickly. Check the forecast upfront and be prepared – take quality hiking boots, some kind of a rain and wind protection plus some snacks to keep your energy level high. Might be good to also have an extra pair of dry socks. Bon voyage.